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Affiliations (Memberships): American Society of Mechanical Engineers; American Institute Chemical Engineers; Combustion Institute; Council Industrial Boiler Owners (board of directors); Honorary Member – Council of Industrial Boiler Owners 

Awards: Council of Industrial Boiler Owners (Honorary Member)

Creative Works: Patentee air pollution control and advanced energy systems; contributor articles to professional journals

Civic: Board of Directors, GE/Alston/ABB/CE, Retirees Club, (Present); One of 12 judges for the $100 Million XPrize Carbon Removal Competition (2021)

 Book Editions: Who’s Who in the East – 1991-1992, 23rd Edition (pub. 1990); Who’s Who in the East – 1986-1987, 21st Edition (pub. 1986); Who’s Who in the Media and Communication – 1998-1999, 1st Edition (pub. 1997); Who’s Who of Emerging Leaders in America – 1993-1994, 4th Edition (pub. 1992); Who’s Who of Emerging Leaders in America – 1987-1988, 1st Edition (pub. 1987);

Boiler Operator's Handbook

With the increased interest in climate impacts, sustainability, and efficiency more responsibility is being place on boiler operators to help improve performance and reduce emissions. This 3rd edition of the Boiler Operators Handbook is intended to help such operators in the quest for improved operability and performance of their boilers and their plants. The theme of this book is to “operate wisely”. The goal is to instill not only “know how” but “know why”. The main details have been provided by the original author, Mr. Ken Heselton. This updated version has been somewhat expanded to include a wider range of examples and some of the more recent environmental requirements.

To illustrate these points, topics include multi boiler operations, understanding the plant load, maintenance issues, and controls. Every plant is different. However, it is hoped that with the information provided in this book, the wise operator will be able to address the various unique issues posed by the specific plant and provide time solutions to meet the present day requirements.

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